Smart City Monitoring Platform

A modular solution using a mobile camera system

Our edge computing solution enables endless smart city applications

  1. Low power mobile system with compact design to save costs on additional hardware
  2. Mountable on any vehicle using standard roof racks, easily dismantable
  3. Monitoring surroundings in all directions with speed up to 50 km/h
  4. High recognition accuracy even under challenging conditions
  5. Trained while in operation to reach better results thanks to embedded artificial intelligence using deep learning and edge computing

See the system in action!

Customer Solutions

COGNITECHNA has a unique combination of ITS design expertise, OEM manufacturing know-how, R&D, custom design and proficiency across a variety of traffic and industry applications required to make your next project a success.


This may include integration of components from various vendors or custom SW and HW implementations and modifications such as country-specific legislation issues, communication protocols or custom GUI.

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